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Here begins the journey of elegance and irrefutable class

The new KIA Sorento is a sophisticated blend of off-road agility, on-road sophistication and unparalleled refinement. With its exceptional performance, welcoming interior and robust suspension, explore every corner of the world with extreme comfort and ease.


Stay in power, with poise and finesse

The Sorento harbors a fierce V6 engine ready to pounce, wrapped in exquisite sophistication
and class, that only comes from within.


An ode to unmatchable comfort and style

From the moment you open the door and settle yourself behind the wheel, the incredible interior of the Sorento captures you in a sudden awe of its sheer magnificence. From the well sculpted doors to the front safety moldings, everything within spells comfort, excellence, superiority and elegance.



Experience precise control of every wheel

An innovative, continuously active All-Wheel Drive (AWD) coupling system enables the Sorento to maintain the utmost traction on rough, loose or slippery surfaces, and helps improve the lateral stability when cutting a corner.

Dynamax™ AWD Coupling The intelligent Dynamax All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system, developed in conjunction with Magna Powertrain, continuously monitors driving conditions and anticipates AWD system requirements, sending torque to the wheels that have traction. The system also adds stability in corners, helps eliminate unintended over-and understeer by reducing unwanted traction forces at the front and rear axle, and helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions.