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Ceramic Coating, Under Coating, PPF Coating, Interior Cleaning, and More

The Kia Motors South service team is always available to provide complete value-added services for your vehicles. We offer a wide range of services to all Kia customers, ensuring your Kia retains its original look down to the most minute details.

Our Value-Added Services

Ceramic Coating for Cars
Experience the ultimate protection with our ceramic coating for automobiles. This service enhances your car's shine and offers long-lasting protection.

Automobile Undercoating
Protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion with our professional undercoating service. Our undercoating for vehicles ensures durability and longevity.

Interior Cleaning of Car
Enjoy a pristine interior with our comprehensive car interior cleaning services. We offer automotive interior cleaning, car internal cleaning, and vehicle interior cleaning to keep your car looking and feeling new.

Specialized Services

PPF Coating
Ask about our PPF (Paint Protection Film) coating service to safeguard your car's paint. We offer competitive PPF coating prices to meet your needs.

All Kia South's employees have been specifically trained to ensure your Kia retains its original look. Visit us for superior ceramic coating, undercoating, and interior cleaning services.

Ceramic & Under Coating

Interior Cleaning

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